MIT RealityHack 2023

Neville Spiteri
February 20, 2023
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Hacking your way to a finalist with Unity, Git and WVS

Last weekend MIT hosted the annual RealityHack drawing teams from all over developing super cool and innovative XR projects on topics ranging from Living Sustainably to Future Constructors to Working Together for Inclusion and Equality.

One of the finalist teams developed a killer XR utility app to easily share files across devices called AirDrop XR. The team created the app on Unity using Wevr Virtual Studio as the cloud platform to develop and host the app. A team of 5 devs collaborated using version control and cloud orchestration and hosted on WVS. Airdrop XR is publicly available for free as a Community Project on WVS.

Team member, Michael Mandel, said “Overall, it was a great experience and we were happy to get up and running so quickly with WVS.”

The Wevr team loves to work with indie devs on jams and hackathons. Please reach out if interested.

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