Wevr Virtual Studio

The cloud platform for game-engine-based development with Git

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Wevr and WVS officially join the AWS partner network

The WVS community is growing

Interactive creators are using WVS to build virtual worlds and apps on game engines—and coming together to talk about it.

“WVS is saving us engineering costs and time, and making our lives easier every day.”

Michael Mandel

Founder, Puddle Games

"It's awesome having our remote dev team working together as a virtual studio through WVS.”

Daniel Connery

Studio head, Quixotic Cloud Games

A purpose-built cloud platform for interactive creators and teams using game engines

WVS is the easiest, fastest way to create cloud-automated builds for Unreal, Unity, and other game engines. Think of it as your build engineering team in the cloud.


Organize multiple projects and team members

Artists, designers, producers, and engineers—across the technical spectrum, and distributed around the world—feel like they're working together, as part of a living breathing dev studio.

Collaborate safely

A central work space allows employees, contractors, and clients to access projects from one secure place.

Automate workflows

A game-engine-optimized CI/CD pipeline orchestrates your development process, from early sketch to playable game.

Deploy builds

A comprehensive build dashboard allows secure deployment to PC/Mac, Android/iOS TestFlight, WebGL, Quest, Cloud, and other targets.

Share projects

Creator profiles and public project sharing features help interactive creators get discovered, and attract developers and fans.