Everything you need to build your project on game engines

Wevr Virtual Studio is an all-in-one cloud platform that's exclusively designed for interactive creators developing games and real-time 3D applications using
real-time game engines with Git.


Manage all projects and team members

Easily add all team members to projects through a web client. Organize multiple projects and manage access controls and software license keys through a simple dashboard. Wevr Virtual Studio offers a GUI client for non-technical users and a comprehensive command line interface (CLI) for technical users.


Unite artists, producers, and devs

Build together and ship faster. Cloud-based version control allows everyone on your team to work in the same repository. WVS is optimized to handle large binary files and is fully interoperable with the Git client of your choice. WVS also supports locking and non-locking workflows.


Orchestrate game development

Automated Unity and Unreal cloud builds allow your team to spend more time on creativity. Simultaneously test, build, and share your game projects across different devices and platforms. You can use out-of-the-box cloud automation WVS Flows from our registry or author your own flow.


Stop fighting infrastructure

Simplify your setup with one standard deployment workflow. WVS provides preconfigured deployments to iOS, Android, PC/Mac, Zip, S3, Quest, Vive, Steam, and more. Customize your configuration for special cases, such as deploying your server build to a specific cloud account.


Increase visibility for your creations

Your work deserves to be seen. WVS is a gathering place for all interactive creators building RT3D games, experiences, and apps on game engines. Share your project early in the dev cycle to attract resources, or go public once your project is done to inspire others in the community.

Sub Bullet 1

A central work space allows employees, contractors, and clients to access projects from one secure place.

Sub Bullet 2

A game-engine-optimized CI/CD pipeline orchestrates your development process, from early sketch to playable game.

Sub Bullet 3

A comprehensive build dashboard allows secure deployment to Unity, Unreal, Steam, Oculus, TestFlight, WebGL, and Cloud.

Sub Bullet 4

Creator profiles and public project sharing help interactive creators get discovered and attract resources.