Discover Killer New Features of Unreal Engine 5.2: WVS Team Shares Their Top Picks and Excitement!

May 30, 2023

Epic Games continues to push Unreal Engine to new heights. They've unleashed the power of innovation with the latest features of Unreal Engine 5.2! Here is our list of top features in Unreal Engine 5.2 that are redefining the future of game development and beyond.

Substrate Shading Model

Why it's cool:

This fully backwards compatible shader model is just as performant, but allows for layering materials like never before. For example, cobblestone under a polished clearcoat.


Procedural Content Generation

Why it's cool:

Generate incredibly detailed procedural environments and change them at will, all at runtime.

Big win for Mac Users - Apple Silicon Support

Why it's cool: Unreal now natively supports both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs.

Users running Unreal Engine 5.2 on macOS must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum macOS version: 12.5 Monterey or newer.
  • Recommended macOS version: Latest macOS Ventura.
  • Minimum Xcode Version: 14.1

Super big Pixel Streaming Updates :)

Multi-streamer Support

Why it's cool:

Pixel Streaming now supports multiple streamers connected to the same server, with the ability to select which one you are interacting with on the browser side. This makes it possible to switch points of view, stream local multiplayer experiences, or operate multiple Pixel Streaming VCams at once!

VR support

Why it's cool:

You can now interact with your Unreal Engine VR-enabled application using nothing but Pixel Streaming and an XR device. This makes it possible to build zero-install XR experiences, and opens up Unreal Engine to a world of XR streaming use cases!

Improved Front End

Why it's cool:

The Pixel Streaming frontend (.html, .js, .css) in UE 5.2 has been upgraded to fit modern web development practices and make the frontend easier to work with, debug, and build on top of!

Other cool stuff

Shader Compilation Improvements

Why it's cool:

In addition to overall faster shader processing, you no longer have to wait to compile Epic default shaders when launching sample projects and templates!

Render Resource Viewer Tool

Why it's cool:

It's an itemized list of where all GPU memory allocations are going and to what render resources. Great for keeping within budget!

Tons of Modeling Tool Improvements

Why it's cool:

It's easier than ever to edit, optimize, and create assets from scratch from inside the engine.

XR Creative Framework Plugin Experimental Support

Why it's cool:

It enables you to build editor tools for XR devices. Examples of such tools could be for Level Design, Modeling, or Animation.

Links to Release Notes and Blog Post: